Customer relationship management in hyundai motor project

Sampling unit — target: The advantage of having the showroom on the arterial road of Chennai city is ensuring continues stream of visitors to the showroom.

A project report on customer preference for Hyundai motor Essay

There is significant no relationship between the responses for the satisfaction level about fuel efficiency when compared to other Branded cars in the market. The basic of selection can be simply opportunity convenience and purpose.

They tell car buyers that the family can lay back, rest, and even sleep. The survey was collected structured questionnaire, question some of which asked the respondents to choose are among several alternatives; the questionnaire is prepared by using both close ended question and open ended questions.

The method of collecting primary and secondary data since the primary data are to be originally collected, while the secondary data is the collection works merry that of completion 1.

Through the motor shows, which are the premiere venues, new production cars and futuristic concept cars are introduced. As part of this a group of employees, who were dismissed earlier on disciplinary grounds, approached the company for a direct settlement.

Percentage refers to a special kind of ratio. The research instructed used for collecting vary data is a questionnaire. Since percentage reduces everything to a common base and thereby allow meaningful comparison to be made.

The total size of the sample is customers. Operations of the Group are domiciled in Korea. The company has strength of about employees, which include a team of well qualified and highly experienced professionals, managers, executives, engineers and technicians, who have proven record in their respective field of operations.

The Showroom and Service center has a total area of Sq. Simple percentage, bar diagram, tables were used to represent variety of data that fall in the various categories, the analysis has been done systematically and accurately so as to get correct and authentic results. The secondary data, which was various source like company records, magazines, trade journals, websites and investment publication Research Instrument: E are the Director-Services and Director-Sales respectively.

There is significant relationship between the responses for the satisfaction level priority while making a buying decision for a four wheeler.

Dallas injury attorney Todd Tracy of the Tracy Firm Attorneys at Law has warned drivers for decades that reclining seats can kill or cause severe injury to their passengers in car accidents.

The analysis of data collected through research has been done systematically. To test whether there is any significant relationship between the responses for order of priority while making a buying decision for a four wheeler.

It is data gathered for a specific purpose or a specific research project.Customer relationship management (CRM) is a model for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers.

It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. Hyundai Motors has proven excellence over the. Introduction The automobile industry is dynamic, highly competitive and complex.

This industry is involved in the process of designing, a billion dollar market. This is where the importance of Customer Relationship Management comes through (am) Team 6 Final Project – Hyundai Motor Company. 14 pages. GM Final Project. Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company units.

South Korea and is the second largest and the fastest growing car manufacturer in India. A number of domestic companies produce automobiles in India and the growing presence of multinational investment.

too units per year. Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) commenced operations in India in and launched its first car in India – the Hyundai Santro – in Since then, there has been no looking back for the company.

Hyundai Motor Limited (TKM) aims to play a major role in The development of The automotive industry and The creation of employment project on Hyundai tells us about the satisfaction level of consumers with The Hyundai.

along with its dedicated dealers and suppliers. has adopted The "Growing Together" philosophy of /5(7). a project report on customer relationship management towards hyundai motor limited KUN HYUNDAI.

AT I also further declare that this project work has neither been reproduced nor submitted elsewhere.

Customer relationship management in hyundai motor project
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